4.0 Planning Tool - Stand Out in Your Field! (free)

You'll quickly see a big difference in your sales calls, presentations and meetings by using this simple tool. More importantly, your customers and prospects will notice the difference too!

One way to improve the quality and consistency of our communication is to anticipate and plan its delivery. The habit of written pre-planning promotes productivity for all parties; in just a few minutes you can identify multiple objectives, desired outcomes and more... and wind-up doing more in less time and outdoing most of your competitors

Annualized Business Development Plan (free)

This annualized plan will help you set a strategic course for the year, and will help you to allocate time and resources as necessary. More importantly, the plan will help you identify the action steps necessary
to achieve your overall business development goals.

- Annualized for balanced execution

- Manage time & resources

- Increase effectiveness

"Elevator" Introduction Worksheet (free)

This free worksheet has been designed to help you craft the best personal introductions or "elevator speeches," a term that originated with the short introductions made during an elevator ride.

- Focus on benefits and value

- Engage other people

- Concise!

Balance Your Presentations (free)

The best sales presentations contain the right mix of information flow and interactivity, and are uniquely balanced to best fit audience interests, needs and priorities. However, while this approach might seem straightforward, people on the listening end frequently report a high percentage of presentations are woefully out of balance.

See how yours compare with this simple worksheet, which will help you craft the best presentations in less time.

Time Analyzer (free)

Designed specifically for sales and sales management professionals, this simple and proven time and work study tool will help you formulate the best plan for prioritizing tasks and better time management.

Once completed, it will enable you to implement a time management improvement plan based on facts and data rather than assumptions. Straightforward and easy to use.


Trade Show Selling (free)

Tradeshow success requires both a marketing strategy and a sales plan. Your marketing plan will involve booth set-up, collateral, signage, booth promotions, give-aways, and so on. This guide will focus on your sales plan - which most people tend to ignore!

Take the first step toward making tradeshow selling a truly productive activity, whether you're an exhibitor or an attendee.

Team Sales Meeting Agenda Template (free)

The first step to running the best sales meetings is to create a value-added agenda. This template will not only help you craft the best agendas, but also to do so in less time. It incorporates all the right components for leading, educating, and motivating your team, as well as a few meeting-management reminders to help with execution.

A no-cost telephone consulting session is included.


Sixty-Second Success Tips (free)

Pursue self-development, consider new ideas, learn new skills or refine existing ones in a convenient, fast-paced video format.

Each "tip" will be delivered in approximately sixty-seconds... at no cost.

Watch each video as often as you like, on any device — simply click on the video icon next to the titles of your choice. Dynamic video format for higher-levels of engagement and retention!

New topics will be regularly added.