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Your one-stop for improving sales, business development, sales management, enterprise engagement, marketing and business communication, Paul Charles & Associates helps people and organizations of all types sell more and communicate better with customers, colleagues, and the marketplace.

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Our Mission:
To provide honest, globally-customized services that are always in the client's best interest and that help each client improve the effectiveness of their sales and communication effort.



"To win in the marketplace you must first win in the workplace"
— Doug Conant

Employee engagement and customer engagement have been identified as top priorities by 90% of U.S. CEO's. But a cohesive plan is necessary in order to achieve goals and measurable results.

As a Certified Engagement Practicioner (CEP) asgency, we can help you achieve these goals by helping you create a formalized engagement plan that leads people to focus on the actions most likely to yield the desired outcomes. Our approach is research-and-experience-based, and designed to take the common warm-and-fuzzy out of engagement and instead provide a tangible return on investment (ROI).




Flexible collaborative options, including project-based or straightforward monthly retainer programs facilitate scheduled and on-demand interaction to help maximize your return on investment. Go...
Select on-site or remote delivery options, each highly-rated as national best; and all programs come with our unique assessment, resulting in high-levels of buy-in and effectiveness. Go...
Picking up where training programs leave off, coaching can help people turn learned concepts into action. We take a positive approach to all coaching relationships to help people build on strenghts. Go...
Select from a wide range of sales and marketing communication support options, as well as highly-interactive facilitation services to help optimize board or sales meetings and conferences. Go...










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Never Tell Them Anything You Can Ask Them!

In a recent edition of, author Jack Falvey wrote, "Let them talk! Selling is not telling!" He went on to make the following simple suggestion for improving our success rate when selling... Continue reading…




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