Comprehensive Support

Did you know that over half of the customer experience (CX) hinges on communication?

Yet many tell us that they have no formalized plan for client communication or for capturing the voice of the customer into decision making!

You can rely on us to support all aspects of your client retention, sales and business development effort, ranging from social media content and marketing communication to regional or national sales meetings or special events. We can also provide sales enablement support to help your sales team develop and express the most compelling value proposition that is aligned with your organization's strengths and brand.

Marketing Communication & Copywriting

We all depend on various forms of written business communication to get our message across to clients, prospects, and staff; and you can depend on us to deliver professional, on-time solutions. We can help with social media or blog content, sales letters and email templates, and all forms of marketing material.

You can also count on us to go well beyond "just" the writing. Thorough research into each client's unique characteristics enables us to incorporate their brand and related key factors into all written material. Should you have an interest in exploring more in-depth ideas, we are well-experienced at handling specialty projects such as corporate profiles, annual reports, white papers, and book projects.

What's Your Story?

Stories can be an incredibly powerful way to get a message across and to more fully-engage an audience during the business development or selling processes, or as part of your leadership effort.

Let's face it, most people would rather read or listen to a good story than a good sales pitch or a lecture!

Let us help you write your stories... possibly in smaller-sized pieces that can be used in presentations, as web-site case studies or promotional handouts. By following six critical guidelines we can help you craft compelling, relevant summaries of how your organization provides value.

Special Events

If you'd like to discuss fresh ideas for your next regional or national sales meeting, we can help! Our support ranges from planning and facilitation to the professional delivery of customized sales or sales management training modules. More information about training...

Board meeting and special event facilitation is another specialty, and we can help you keep your meetings productively on-track and your audience engaged. More information about facilitation...