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Better Business Communication #1

  • Awareness factors
  • Common misconceptions
  • Impacting others
  • Focus
  • Unique planning strategy
  • Application benefits

Not only will you notice a difference in the effectiveness of your business interactions and meetings, but others will also see the difference.

Communication & Non-Verbal Messaging

  • Impact considerations
  • Interpretation data
  • Key non-verbal behaviors
  • Applicable to all forums
  • Alignment
  • Application

The non-verbal or body-language component of communication is the most powerful.

Best Outbound Sales Calls #1

  • Template plans
  • Multiple objectives
  • Efficiency
  • Impact
  • Application
  • Who will notice?

The power tends to shift to the person who is best prepared, and the first 15-seconds of each call is the most critical time.

Best Outbound Sales Calls #2: Questions?

  • "Interested" vs. "Interesting"
  • Operational process
  • The power of questions
  • 5 keys to a good question
  • Application
  • Modify for telephone sales

People tend to focus on their speaking points, but questions are the real answer to sales success

Best Outbound Sales Calls #3: Sell Value

  • Features vs. Benefits
  • It's not about what we offer...
  • It's about what they get (WIIFT?)
  • Features tell, benefits sell!
  • Requires effective assessment
  • Application

Rather than focusing on "what we do" or "what we offer," it's better to highlight what our buyer "will get." In other words, "what's in it for them."

Business Development Best Practices

  • Proactive style
  • Seasonal adjustments
  • Balanced activities
  • Feasibility adjusted
  • Measurable and predictive
  • Annualized approach

Plot your annual plan to ensure your approach will be both comprehensive and attainable.

1st Step Toward More Effective Networking

  • Key objective?
  • The right expectations
  • The right SMART goals
  • Productivity
  • Activity measures
  • Results measures

Setting the right objectives and expectations will change the way we approach networking events and, more importantly, will significantly increase our productivity.

2nd Step Toward Effective Networking

  • Awareness and alignment
  • Time management dilemma
  • Doing the math
  • 3-step step action plan
  • Pace
  • Focus on next steps

Recognizing the time management challenge is key; this realization will help us work our strategic action plan.

3rd Step Toward More Effective Networking

  • Communication strategy
  • Interesting v. Interested?
  • Questions are the answer
  • Pre-plan for results
  • Work the plan
  • Tangible success

To achieve our goals we must maintain an awareness of how we manage time and how we communicate.

More Effective Communication: Listening

  • Did you know?
  • Perceived effectiveness
  • Real impact
  • 3 primary barriers
  • Multiple solutions
  • Conscious competence

Considered the most important of all communication skills, listening is also the one at which most of us are the least effective.