Common Traits of Assertive Leaders

assertive leadership

People readily agree that “assertiveness” is a desirable leadership characteristic, and that it is superior to being aggressive.

While the line between these attributes might be fairly thin, the primary differences are that assertive people are always respectful and they work hard to identify solutions that benefit all stakeholders.

In recent articles published by Forbes and Indeed Editorial Team, several traits were identified as being common among “Assertive Leaders,” which include:

  • They communicate honestly and give clear feedback in a helpful way.
  • They look for opportunities to collaborate and are open to opportunities to change and improve.
  • Communicate with people at all organizational levels, make themselves accessible to everyone, and spend the time to communicate clearly and personally about change.
  • They are firm and fair when making decisions, and show good judgment by gathering all the facts before passing judgment.
  • They maintain excellent relationships based on mutual respect and accountability.