Beyond Product Knowledge

knowledge and power

Many say that “knowledge is power,” which may or may not be true in life; but it’s definitely true in sales.

However, contrary to what one might think, the knowledge we’re referring to goes well beyond product or service mastery, and instead consists of knowing our customers and prospects.

Author Jack Falvey sums-up this concept a recent posting published by

“You can never know too much about your prospects and customers,” Falvey wrote. “Most people will tell you all about themselves in excruciating detail if you merely ask and show interest. Make this a professional practice.”

He goes on to point out that many of the most successful sales professionals develop customer background information and then add their features and benefits into the dialog that develops.

“It seems somewhat freeform until you notice that the prospect is actually dictating how they want to buy or how best to sell to them,” Falvey explains.

“The most important information in the sales equation is always on the customer’s side… It’s all there in perfect order for the asking. Just ask and show interest. What will follow is a flow of information that will add to your income.”

Good advice for sure!