What Makes Your Business Different?


What is the one thing your business or organization has that none of your competitors have nor would they ever claim to have?

Over the past several years we have asked a great many people in all types of organizations this simple question; and while the answers initially vary, they all ultimately agree that there is only one true and sustainable differentiator…

It isn’t a product or a unique feature of a product, because these can be too easily emulated; and it isn’t a special type of service, because others can claim to offer something similar.

So while a one-of-a-kind product or service might serve as a short-term differentiator, neither represents the best answer.

The simple answer is: YOU!

Your one true and sustainable differentiator is the people within your organization. Collectively they make-up your enterprise’s personality; they represent your core values, whether everyone’s aware of these or not, and they represent not “what” you do but “how” you do it, which ultimately makes all the difference.

As author and founder of makingthenumbes.com Jack Falvey puts it, “There’s no such thing as a commodity if YOU are part of each sale.”