5 Ways to Boost Productivity When Working from Home


In a recent blog post, Conway Management Company shared an interesting list of best practices geared toward helping people maintain productivity levels when working from home.

Given the pandemic-related reality that many of us will continue to operate remotely, at least in some fashion, it follows that many might also struggle with the shift to working from home. Here are five best practices for maintaining productivity when doing so:

Maintain a designated workspace – this may seem like a minor issue, but by dedicating a “work space” we can more easily shift our thinking from ‘home’ things to ‘work’ things when engaged in work. A designated space often “triggers” productivity as well.

Set regular working hours – maintaining some type of regimen, though it may differ from the established workplace schedule, helps us to shift and maintain focus; it also helps us to avoid the pitfall of over-working and makes it easier for others to reach us because they know when we are in work mode.

Set start-up/shut-down rituals – this helps us develop consistency and makes it easier for our mind to distinguish between “work” and “home” focus; we should also include rituals for periodically stepping back for exercise and/or stretching.

Start each day with a written plan – this is a best practice that should be followed regardless of location, but maintaining it when working remotely is important. Lists should be actionable and time-bound.

Keep workspace organized – simply stated, “mess equals stress!”