It’s All About People


The Summer 2021 installment of the Fortune/Deloitte CEO Survey finds that “CEOs have bold plans that evolved from their hope for 2021.”

Interestingly, when sharing the results of the survey, it was pointed out that the biggest challenge CEO’s face today is all about people!

“CEOs named one above all others: talent,” the article said. “…In nearly every form. Attracting, hiring, retaining, developing, growing, and engaging talent; succession planning; the war for talent; and more constituted one out of every four responses.”

While not necessarily surprising, this is another indicator of the shifting tide toward better ways of engaging and developing our workforces.

Here are the top priorities based on the survey:

  • Talent
  • Growth
  • Driving change
  • Influence social or societal issues
  • Prove commitment to DEI

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