CX & Avoiding Customer Service Burnout

Burnout can occur at every level of an organization – from top to bottom, and it’s commonly found among customer service people who have to deal with dissatisfied customers almost on a daily basis. It can come about as the result of stress, low morale, poor management, bad working conditions or simply having too much to do and not enough time to do it.

The down-side is considerable, as burnout often leads to high job turnover, lower productivity and decreased engagement. Obviously, burned out employees provide less-than-stellar service to customers they come in contact with. And what’s more, whether it’s the cost of hiring or training new people, or improving a poorly-done job, burnout can eventually add up to financial loss for your company.

While burnout is a common phenomenon that no one is immune to, being able to understand its causes and how to prevent it is essential for any business. In this infographic created by, the main dangers and factors of employee burnout are summarized, along with what both companies and customer service agents can do to avoid it:

How to Deal with Employee Burnout in Customer Service [Inforgraphic from Provide Support]