An Innovative Approach to Developing Team Members

One of our recent posts posed a good question about retaining talent, and also shared data from Gallup indicating wide-spread improvements in employee development were driving higher levels of employee engagement.

Today’s perspective, based on an article published by, focuses on how we might redefine Career Development to help employees thrive when there is little or no opportunity for promotion or title advancement.

In her article, author and speaker Julie Winkle Giulioni suggests there are three alternatives to traditional career advancement that can truly engage (and retain!) talented team members.

Achievement is the first of these alternatives. “The intrinsic drive humans share to accomplish something is powerful,” Giulioni said. “It inspires focus, motivation, and perseverance—which leaves the individual and organization enriched in the process. Managers who understand this will recognize opportunities to tap an employee’s interest in achievement…”

Authority is next, which is defined as honing one’s craft, cultivating a high degree of competence, and becoming an acknowledged expert and go-to resource. “Supporting employees in ascending to this level of authority in their field is a powerful way managers can help employees advance their careers whether there’s a promotion available or not,” the article explains.

Finally there is adventure! Giulioni quotes Amelia Earhart who said, “Adventure is worthwhile in itself.”

“It’s also worthwhile as a career development strategy when advancement or promotions aren’t available,” Giulioni adds. “Exciting experiences. Novel challenges. Uncharted territory. They all offer opportunities for employees to discover new abilities, higher levels of engagement, and greater satisfaction with their work.”

Given the current-day challenges with hiring and retention, these strategies could very well help business leaders reduce turnover and increase engagement levels as well.

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