A Thought-Provoking Question About Your Leadership Style

What Do You Think…?

A past post shared an important but often undervalued component of leadership or sales management, which is “selling” to your team.

A recent makingthenumbers.com sales management tip adds some interesting perspective to the concept, as author Jack Falvey wrote, “Leadership has always been group selling.  If you don’t take the time to sell to your people, how can you expect them to buy your ideas, approaches, and goals?”

Falvey goes on to share a few examples of history’s notable leaders, pointing out how each “sold” their ideas and vision to their audience or constituents.

He then asks a thought-provoking question, which is directed toward sales managers but which is applicable to leaders of all types: “All great leaders are great sales people. Name ten… When your sales people list their top ten leaders, will you be one of them?”