Virtual "On-boarding"


We have created a fully-customizable six-to-ten-week virtual "on-boarding" program for your new or recently-hired sales people, which facilitates immediate engagement, eliminates travel and lodging costs, and enables participants to absorb material at a more comfortable pace — consistent with adult learning styles.

Customized to meet your specific objectives and to suit your team, the program even allows various department managers from your organization to become strategically involved, each presenting an overview of how their department interacts with and supports the sales effort. The program concentrates on four key areas:

  • Sales process & selling skills
  • Corporate structure & resources
  • Business development & networking skills
  • CRM system use

Virtual "On-boarding" for Sales People



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# New Hires with less than 1 year of tenure
 10 or fewer 
 11 - 25 
 26 - 50 
 During the implementation phase, participants will be completely engaged via interactive, instructor-led virtual sessions run twice per week. This enables participants to instantly apply the material presented and seek immediate feedback at the next session. Many have been surprised by the interactive nature of the virtual classes, which include role plays, exercises and weekly written exams. The curriculum is also managed based upon the groupís performance on the quizzes and based on continuous input from various Managers who are able to audit select sessions and review quizzes.

Participants in these virtual on-boarding programs have consistently indicated that the training met or exceeded their expectations, and that they were able to more immediately implement learned concepts as a result of the sales and business development components. In every case, client management has been pleased with the strong ROI as well, noting reps are, on average, better able to ramp-up quickly and to leverage corporate resources on behalf of their customers. Overall, clients have enjoyed a seventy to eighty-percent cost savings over traditional orientation training, and have noted greater retention levels as well.

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