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Pursue self-development, consider new ideas, learn new skills or refine existing ones in a convenient, fast-paced video format. Each "tip" will be delivered in approximately sixty-seconds... at no cost. Watch each video as often as you like, on any device — simply click on the video of your choice.

  Better Business Communication

  Better Non-verbal Messaging
  • Awareness & impact factors
  • Major drivers
  • Alignment
  • Key non-verbal behaviors
  • Telephone non-verbals?
  • Application steps

  Better Outbound Prospecting: Key Objectives
  • Template
  • Strategic plan
  • Multiple objectives
  • Efficiency & respect
  • Outcomes
  • Who will notice?

  Better Outbound Prospecting: Questions?
  • Impact!
  • Focus
  • Operational Process
  • Interested vs. Interesting
  • 5 keys to a good question
  • Positioned for success

  Better Outbound Prospecting: Selling Value
  • Template plan
  • Focus on the right things
  • WIIFT?
  • Features vs. Benefits
  • Shift in focus: it's not what we "do..."
  • It's what they get!

  Business Development Best Practices
  • Proactive mindset
  • Measurable, predictable
  • Identify key activities
  • Annualized approach
  • Persistence!
  • The right things at the right time
  • Sample Business Development Plan

  1st Step To More Effective Networking
  • Key objective?
  • Efficiency
  • Reality!
  • SMART goals
  • Focus on results
  • Work the plan!

  2nd Step To More Effective Networking
  • Clear objectives
  • Align with results goals
  • Time management dilemma
  • 3-Step action plan!
  • Focus on strangers 1st
  • Schedule next steps

  3rd Step To More Effective Networking
  • Clear objectives
  • Goal oriented action plan
  • Communication strategy
  • Questions are the answer
  • Pre-plan for best results
  • Work the plan

  More Effective Listening
  • Statistical awareness
  • Perceived effectiveness
  • 3 Barriers to effective listening
  • Assumptions?
  • Internal distractions
  • Prepare for better listening



"The 4.0 planning tool is spot-on!

We used it again yesterday before an important sales call. It worked masterfully. As you predicted, it only took a little while to use it, but it made a big difference during the call."

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