Selling Attitude?

Selling is a people business.

positive attitutePeople buy from people, and most often, from people that they like. But what makes one sales rep more likable than the next? Surely all, or at least most sellers try to be likable!

And even if a seller is highly likable, as pointed out in a recent post, “likability” is not enough in today’s marketplace.

Sellers must also be value-added.

Of course one could suggest that all, or at least most sellers also try to be value-added…

So, what’s so special about those who achieve the highest levels of success? What is it that makes the difference between good and great?

Attitude makes the difference.

Consider that a positive attitude is not only easily recognizable, but it’s catchy.

Sellers who possess truly positive attitudes “assume the sale.” They honestly expect the best from customers and prospects, and they offer their personal best as well. Positive people tend to react to things positively and, more importantly, tend to bring about positive reactions from others.

Another advantage?
Research from the Productivity Institute also reveals that a positive attitude is among several things that enable a person to perform more efficiently and to enjoy greater levels of productivity.

This would appear to be another good reason to consciously strive to maintain a positive outlook.

Possibly W.W. Ziege summed-it-up best when he said, “Nothing can stop the man with the right mental attitude from achieving his goal. Nothing on earth can help the man with the wrong mental attitude.”

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