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Are You Interested?

Whether you are a sales manager, business executive or business owner, becoming "interested" is an important component of driving your organization's sales and business development effort.

Great amounts of emphasis are commonly placed on striving to become "interesting" in our interaction with others; but instead, consider the concept of becoming more "interested." You might be surprised at the results!

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CRM & SFA: The Missing Link

Most sales managers report that their sales force automation (SFA) or Customer Relationship Management (CRM) record system is a valuable asset, but deeper digging into how most systems are being used usually reveals a missing link.

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Do You Qualify?

Just as qualifying customers and prospects is a critical step in the selling process, it is also a necessary component of prudent sales management.

Many believe sales management consists of leadership, management and a higher level of selling; in other words, sales managers must often sell to the sales force.

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The 5 "I's" in Team

We're all familiar with the phrase, "There's no "I" in Team," but many sales leaders and the business world in general has begun to see the deep connection between employee engagement and customer experience, productivity and profit.

So in the process of leveraging these connections, we might realize that there are actually five of them...,”

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Key Accounts & Long-term Success

Many business owners, managers and sales people tell us that eighty-percent of their business comes from twenty-percent of their customers. The Pareto principle…

Whether this perspective accurately describes your business situation or not, it is still likely that some concentrated percentage of your customer base generates the majority of your sales revenue. Similarly, some concentrated or relatively small percentage of your current and prospective customers most likely makes-up the majority of your new business pipeline.

Given these facts, it is wise to create a “Key Account Program...,”

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Leadership: Management's Virtue

Just as honesty, humility, patience, and kindness are virtues, so too is leadership. Many have defined it, others have eloquently described it, and much has been written about it, but only a few have exemplified it... and true leaderslhip is rare.

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Money, Ego & Fear

Most sales managers agree that motivating the sales team is an important part of their job. Naturally, there are a number of ways in which people might go about this task. Money, ego and fear are considered the primary motivational tools... except for a certain percentage of sales managers who believe it's up to the sales people to motivate themselves!

For the rest of us, what might be the best choice?

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Pavement: 5 Ideas for Achieving Goals

The road to "you know where" is paved with good intentions! As each new year arrives ‘tis the season for, among other things, New Year’s resolutions.

In the business world, many of us will resolve to pursue revenue growth in one way or another, possibly via new business development, and our hearts will tell us that this year we’ll succeed; our intentions will be good! However, many of January’s goals will sadly join the ranks of the unachieved...

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Performance Management: An Everyday Job [A Proactive 5-step Sales Management System!]

A strategically balanced performance management plan is a key component of effective team or sales management. The most successful approach not only enables managers to identify opportunities for team improvement based on analyzing past activities and results, but to also identify preemptive action steps and strategies that can impact future results.

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Proactive Business Development

If you would like to grow your business or sales territory, try making a true commitment to the proactive components of your business development plan.

We all know this is hard work. A good start is to create an annualized business development plan, but simply crafting the plan isn’t enough! We must commit to the plan as well as to the proactive components of the plan.

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Sales Leads...?

Looking at a familiar phrase from a different perspective, how does your organization's leadership lead or impact the selling process?

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Sales Management: Does it Ever Change?

An old sales pro recently said to me, "The fundamentals of selling haven’t changed since the Phoenicians were leasing ships to the Egyptians, back before Moses was a boy." Well... how about sales management?

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Selling Change

In the day-to-day real world, change most often promotes uncertainty, doubt, fear, resentment or loss, and this is not news.

Yet without change comes stagnation and potential loss. So how do we help others to accept it?

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Selling To The Salesforce

Some might think that the idea of "selling" to the sales force is like preaching to the choir. But adults, they say, learn through spaced repetition with immediate feedback.

So… if we, as managers or business owners, don’t continually reaffirm the true message with our sales people, how can we be sure that they are expressing it properly? How can we be sure they haven’t forgotten? Or worse...

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Statistical Sales Management

Most of us who are charged with managing the sales function do not consider ourselves statisticians or number-crunchers. However, we all have to manage numbers - the annual, quarterly, or monthly budget, sales commissions, and expense accounts.

Many successful sales managers also use simple number ratios to help train and manage their sales forces. Some examples...

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Time to Sell!

How much time does your sales force actually spend selling?

A mid-sized New England company that considered itself highly sales-driven recently discovered their sales people spent less than three-hours per day interacting with customers or prospects. They also discovered that nearly 25% of the average sales representative's time was spent on company-required paper work. You might be surprised by a work study...

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Tradeshow Selling

Exhibiting or attending a tradeshow is a common component of many business development efforts. The experience can be fun, but lots of sales managers will tell you that "shows" can be expensive, and in many cases yield nothing. Here's a plan to make tradeshow selling more productive...

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Which Half of Your Sales Management Effort is Working?

John Wanamaker once said, "Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is, I don't know which half!"

This is, of course, the reason frequency is such an important element of marketing. But it is also an important element of sales management...

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Why Field Support?

It is important for sales managers or leaders to observe and support sales people in the field, and the results are of exceptional value.

Here are 5 key ways in which sales managers and their organizations benefit from spending time in the field with sales team members...

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Your Weekly Team Meeting?

Your organization can experience significant gains by running effective team or sales meetings. However, if these meetings are poorly executed, it's only a matter of time before your workforce considers them to be non-productive, unnecessary or even unpleasant; in which case, certain opportunities will be forever lost!

So, the first step is to assess the quality of your organization's meetings... which include "live" meetings, teleconfernces and virtual sessions...

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Just as honesty, humility, patience, and kindness are virtues, so too is leadership. But true leadership is rare...

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