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  Free Sales Resources


Business Development Planning Tool

   - Annualized for balanced execution

   - Manage time & resources

   - Maximize opportunities

   - Increase effectiveness

   - Easy to use

This annualized plan will help you set a strategic course for the year, and will help you to allocate time and resources as necessary. More importantly, the plan will help you identify the action steps necessary to achieve your overall business development goals. Download now...


Free Daily Sales e-Tips

   - Proven, practical sales principles

   - Delivered via e-mail each business day

   - Concise, easy to read

   - Ideal for field-based sales people

   - For all experience levels

Compiled by Jack Falvey, reknowned business author, the daily tips are free. An optional, mathching sales management component is also available, delivered via email daily for a montly fee. Samples of each are displayed on the website.


What Do You Do?

When asked to tell people what we do, it’s best to be prepared with a strong “elevator speech” that is concise and benefits-oriented.

If we hope to engage others and maximize their interest, then we should make our clients the stars of this speech, which should last no more than 30 seconds.

Here's a free worksheet that can help you craft the best personal introductions or elevator speeches, a term that orginated with the "short" introductions made during an elevator ride.  Download now...

  Balance Your Presentations

The best sales presentations contain the right mix of information flow and interactivity, and are uniquely balanced to best fit audience interests, needs and priorities. However, while this approach might seem straightforward, people on the listening end frequently report a high percentage of presentations are woefully out of balance.

See how yours compare with this simple worksheet, which will help you craft the best presentations in less time.

Download now...

Sales & Strategic Communication

A white paper outlining how to heighten your communication awareness level and apply strategic communication best practices in a way that will strengthen your selling skills and signifianclty improve your selling relationhsips and sales performance.

Learn three important but often-ignored rules about effective communication, along with methods for applying four key communication skills as well as a simple (but not always easy!) tool for planning exceptional sales calls in less time!

When you apply these fundamentals you'll find it much easier to communicate in a value-added style; they will also help you to quickly stand out from your compet ition and increase your level of sales success. Download now...

  Tradeshow Sales Guide

Tradeshow success requires both a marketing strategy and a sales plan. Your marketing plan will involve booth set-up, collateral, signage, booth promotions, give-aways, and so on. This guide will focus on your sales plan.

The best sales plan begins with setting the right goals before the event. This will help you to strategically interact with a sufficient number of people; it will also enable you to quickly identify the right people, and to proactively schedule post-show activities so you can convert more leads into sales.

Take the first step toward making tradeshow selling a truly productive activity by implementing this proactive, strategic approach, wheter you're an exhibitor or an attendee. Read more...

4.0 Planning Tool

You'll quickly see a big difference in your sales calls, presentations and meetings by using this simple tool! More importantly, your customers and prospects will notice the difference too!

One way to improve the reliability of our communication is to anticipate and plan its delivery. The habit of written pre-planning promotes productivity for all parties; in just a few minutes we can identify multiple objectives, desired outcomes and more... we'll wind-up doing more in less time and outdoing most of our competitors.

Download now...

  60-Second Success Tips

You might like this dynamic video format, providing relevant information about key sales and communication topics in a concise style for higher-levels of engagement and retention!

Pursue self-development, consider new ideas, learn new skills or refine existing ones in a convenient, fast-paced video format. Each "tip" will be delivered in approximatley sixty-seconds... at no cost.

Watch each video as often as you like, on any device.

Review now...



"The 4.0 planning tool is spot-on!

We used it again yesterday before an important sales call. It worked masterfully. As you predicted, it only took a little while to use it, but it made a big difference during the call."

Director of Sales


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