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Would you like to improve your current sales process, improve the productivity of your sales force or chart a more direct course toward achieving this year's revenue goals? Is it time to take a more proactive and systematic approach to managing your sales effort or strategic sales planning?

Our associates are well equipped to discuss all phases of sales management, and can collaborate on everthing from recruiting and skills development to team motivation and retention.

You can consider project-based solutions or simple retainer programs, handled on a whatever-it-takes basis to achieve your specific goals and objectives.

Please contact us for a no-cost preliminary assessment.

  Sales Management Training & Coaching

Is your current sales management team being stretched? Does your sales management effort need a boost? Are you looking for fresh ideas and better ways to hire, ramp-up, train, motivate and lead your sales staff?

Paul Charles & Associates can bring about the results you are looking fornew perspectives and unbiased encouragement from an experienced senior sales executive can make a big difference to a new or developing sales manager.

The most effective sales managers are strong leaders as well as motivators and organizers. Let us help you develop a strong sales management effort by sharing best practices, performance management fundamentals and proactive organizational tools. While all Paul Charles & Associates programs are customized, you might consider the following base programs as good starting points for developing an effective sales management system, each available on-site or as a series of interactive webinars:

  • Sales Management Best Practices Seminar
  • Chasing the Waste out of Sales
  • Management & Motivation

Read more... about performance management and the sales management process. 

You might also like to consider one of our combination on-site/on-line training and coaching solutions, which can save you both time and money. Often referred to as blended learning, this approach facilitates more frequent interaction and tends to bring about more rapid results. Please contact us for more details.


Effectively orienting and engaging new sales people is a demanding task, and one that can significantly impact productivity and retention levels. Given the direct and associated costs of ramping-up, the best approach will be organized, consistent and comprehensive ó but it need not be expensive!

We have created a fully-customizable six-to-ten-week virtual "on-boarding" program for your new or recently-hired sales people, which facilitates immediate engagement, eliminates travel and lodging costs, and enables participants to absorb material at a more comfortable pace that is consistent with adult learning styles.

Customized to meet your specific objectives and to suit your team, the program even allows various department managers from your organization to become strategically involved, each presenting an overview of how their department interacts with and supports the sales effort. The program concentrates on four key areas:

  • Sales process & selling skills
  • Corporate structure & resources
  • Business development & networking skills
  • CRM system use

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On Demand Sales Management Services

If your company is feeling the need for a senior-level sales executive, but can not yet justify a full-time resource, we have the solution — On-Demand Sales Management Services.

With a combinaton of scheduled on-site interactions and on-demand access we can assist with every aspect of sales management, from strategic planning to hiring and motivating your staff. Not everyone can be a sales mentor; we can provide hands-on support, input and guidance to help perform these tasks effectively while you continue to develop and grow your business.



"Thanks for all your help, Paul. As you suggested, Iíve been trying to ask better questions and do a better job drilling down to the core issues and really listening, whether with a customer or my team...

To my surprise, this simple change has helped cut to the chase and shorten my debate time. I still need to improve, but have made good progress!"

Director of Sales


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