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  Sales Management Resources


Chasing the Waste Out of Sales: $15.95

New perspectives that will help you maximize opportunities, increase efficiency and reach new levels of profitability.

This book explains tools and techniques that will make real differences in your bottom line. It is not just another selling guide, but rather it's the first and only book available to teach those in customer-oriented and sales management positions how to collect and analyze key data, study and improve processes, and make the changes in your organization that count.

A straightforward, well-illustrated and easy to read path to a high-performance culture.


Sales Force Work Study Tool - free

Designed specifically for sales and sales management professionals, this simple and proven work study tool will help you formulate the best plan for better time management.

By putting this resource to practical use, participants will be able to think more strategically about actions and behaviors, prioritize, and identify barriers to personal or team productivity.

Once completed, the study will enable you to implement a time management improvement plan based on facts and data rather than assumptions. Straightforward and easy to use.

  7 Tips for Running The Best Teleconferences - free

Even the most accomplished “live” presenters, trainers, and facilitators must make strategic modifications to their communication style if they are to maximize the virtual or on-line experience. This concisely-written e-book will identify key areas on which to focus, and will help you develop new perspectives on running and participating in teleconferences, virtual meetings, or Webinars.

Designed in an easy-to-read concise format, this short guide covers all the essentials, including preparation nuances, process protocols, engagement techniques and productivity boosters.

Join the few who have mastered the art of running the best conference calls, webinars and virtual team meetings! Download now...

  Tradeshow Sales Guide - free

Tradeshow success requires both a marketing strategy and a sales plan. Your marketing plan will involve booth set-up, collateral, signage, booth promotions, give-aways, and so on. This guide will focus on your sales plan.

The best sales plan begins with setting the right goals before the event. This will help you modify common behaviors and strategically interact with a sufficient number of people; it will also enable you to quickly identify the right people, and to proactively schedule post-show activities such as appointments or phone calls with potential refferal sources, prospects or influencers.

Take the first step toward making tradeshow selling a truly productive activity, wheter you're an exhibitor or an attendee. Read more...

  Agenda Template for Running The Best Sales Meetings - free

You can experience significant gains by running effective sales meetings. However, if these meetings are poorly executed, it's only a matter of time before your sales team considers them to be non-productive, and the opportunities will be forever lost!

So, the first step is to consistently create a compelling, "group-level" agenda. This template will not only help you craft the best agendas, but also to do so in less time!

Designed to be easily completed "on the go," this simple template incorporates all the right topics for leading, educating, and motivating your team, and also includes a few meeting management reminders to help with execution and, if you'd like, a no-cost telephone consulting session on how to best-use the template.
Download now...

  Sales & Strategic Communication- free

A white paper outlining how to heighten your communication awareness level and apply strategic communication best practices in a way that will strengthen your selling skills and signifianclty improve your selling relationhsips and sales performance.

Learn three important but often-ignored rules about effective communication, along with methods for applying four key communication skills as well as a simple (but not always easy!) tool for planning exceptional sales calls in less time!

When you apply these fundamentals you'll find it much easier to communicate in a value-added style. These fundamentals will also help you to quickly stand out from your competition and increase your level of sales success.
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"It was the best tradeshow we've ever done...

We followed your guidelines by having a meeting before the show to set our goals and finalize the communication strategy. Then we just worked the plan... we'll use this every time going forward!"

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