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Customized, Comprehensive & Dependable Solutions

Leveraging many years of experience in sales-driven industries, we can quickly recognize the unique demands of your sales, sales management and marketing-related processes, and help you identify the best opportunities for improvement.

You'll experience rapid improvement and sustainable results through our customized approach, and we look forward to helping you take your organization or your personal performance to the next level.



We have helped clients of all types and sizes achive a wide range of objectives, including:

  • Implement a more effective approach to business development
  • More effectively manage and motivate the sales force
  • Improve and systematize sales management practices
  • Employee and customer engagement
  • Develop a strategic customer service program
  • Increase client retetion levels
  • Improve selling skills and increase sales revenue
  • Enhance communication with customers, prospects and staff
  • Improve interanal communication, meetings and teleconferences
  • Make more professional and persuasive presentations
  • Integrate sales and marketing efforts
  • Hire and onboard sales associates

Our associates are well equipped to discuss all phases of sales management, and can collaborate on everthing from recruiting and on-boarding to team motivation and retention.

You can select from consulting, training, coaching or support options. More...

Presented in a positive, interactive style that is rooted in the concept of building upon strengths, our customized sales training programs have been consistently well-received by people of all tenure levels in virtually every business sector.

You can select on-site, remote or blended delivery. More...

Clients of all types have found our copywriting services an exceptional value. We go well beyond "just the writing" to conduct thorough research into each client's strengths, unique offerings and brand.

Web or brochure copy, press releases, client correspondence, sales letters, job postings, social media content and more. More...

Whether you're starting a new business or trying to move your current organization, professional practice or sales territory to the next level, identifying, attracting, and acquiring new clients is a key activity.

You can select training, coaching or support options, as well as a wide range of organizational tools to promote effective execution. More...

The business world has never been more customer-driven. Let us work with you to create consistent customer service excellence that will delight all of your customersexternal and internal alike!

A range of on-site and on-line workshops, unique training and coaching options are available. More...

Whether you're running a business, department or a sales territory, if you'd like to evaluate and optimize your effectiveness you might consider the individualized and productive advantages of personal coaching.

Our positive approach is ideal for building confidence and helping people more rapidly get to the next level. More...

Ideal for those who would like to reduce miscommunication, improve managerial skills, run better meetings and teleconferences, make more persuasive presentations or "communicate up" more effectively.

Getting your point across to your audience in exactly the right way can be challenging. We can help you organize, plan and deliver. More...

A seasoned, professional speaker and facilitator, Paul Donehue's interactive style engages audiences of all types, and can help you organize and run dynamic sales or board meetings and more.

He presents new ideas in a positive way that inspires attendees to adopt fresh perspectives and a collaborative spirit. More...

We can help you achieve almost any goal that involves people—customers, partners, employees, suppliers, and even communities.

As a Certified Engagement Practicioner (CEP) we can help you achieve specific financial, marketing, and management goals by engaging people in a measurable way, yielding a clear ROI. More...

Pursue self-development, consider new ideas, learn new skills or refine existing ones in a convenient, self-paced environment.

Presented in a positive, straightforward style, these courses contain state-of-the-art fundamentals that have been consistently tested and highly-rated by audiences of all types. More...


"Nice job with today's training. Simple, straightforward and very meaningful. You really have a great way of engaging everyone...

What you’ve presented will be a really nice complement to what we want to do going forward, and your training will continue to reinforce the importance of those values."

Director of HR


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