Performance Management as a Competitive Advantage

In a recent article published by SmartBrief, Michael Lee Stallard, president and co-founder of Connection Culture Group, suggests an opportunity exists for leaders and organizations to gain a performance and competitive advantage if they can win the “war for talent.”

Citing a range of data from Gallup about the high percentage (70%) of people that are dissatisfied with their jobs, Stallard goes on to say that it’s no wonder we continue to experience people quitting their jobs at higher than average rates. The data also showed that an alarming number of people are quiet quitting,” a relatively new term for staying on the job but adopting an attitude of doing the bare minimum to get by.

So what can be done?

Stallard identified a three-step solution:

  1. Listen to employees. According to Gallup, “25% of employees report being totally ignored at work.”
  2. Train leaders and managers to develop relationship excellence and encourage friendships at work. According to Gallup, “70% of what determines an employee’s emotional attachment to their job depends on their manager… the best bosses function more like coaches and they make listening a priority.”
  3. Care about employee well-being. According to Gallup, “Workers who strongly agree their organization cares about their well-being are 69% less likely to actively search for a new job, five times more likely to strongly advocate for their company as a place to work, and 71% less likely to report experiencing a lot of burnout.” 

You can read the full article here.