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Are You Out There?

When involved in marketing or promoting a brand, frequency, consistency and timing are important. If just one of your marketing pieces happens to reach a prospect at a time when he or she is in need of your product or services, you have a shot at gaining some new business. And while you may not know exactly when the timing is right, if you are not out there, you have no shot at all!

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Five Steps to Marketing Magic!

Though this five-step process may appear straightforward, many companies stuggle to stay-the-course when attempting to carry it out.

Success will be yours, however, if you can offer products and services that match consumers' needs, wants, and desires, and if you can implement this effective way (marketing plan) to get the message out.

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Make Sales & Markeing "All They Can Be!"

To be effective in todayís market, your marketing and sales efforts must be integrated. Similar to what one branch of the military asks of new recruits, business executives might ask themselves if their sales strategies and marketing materials are "all that they can be."

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Remind Me...

How often must we remind our customers of the value we bring to the table?

Most people agree that, ideally, they'd like to "remind" their customers many times each year; in fact, they say they'd like to keep a reminder of some sort in front of their customers as frequently as possible. This leads us to a couple of critical questions...

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Keep Marketing Marching On!

The economy will ebb and flow, and many sit back and analzye the cycles. In the meantime, there is an opportunity for those who keep their marketing efforts on the march to let consumers know they have quality products and services that are worth a look in both good times and in bad.

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The Annual Marketing Plan: A Necessary Ingredient

Many business owners approach their marketing efforts in an experimental fashion. They may try a little advertising mixed in with a bit of telemarketing and a sprinkling of direct mail.

And while this "testing" approach may work out well for some of the great chefs of the world, itís generally not considered the best approach for a long term marketing effort, especially if you want to create brand awareness and keep your customers coming back...

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The Stars of Your Presentations?

Too many selling presentations focus on "what we do."

In other words, if we're not careful, our presentations are all about us because we make ourselves, our products or our services the stars…Consider how much more effective it could be if we instead made our customers or clients the stars!

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The Stars of Your Presentations?
Too many selling presentations focus on "what we do." Consider how much more effective it could be if we instead made our customers or clients the stars! Here's how...

Remind Me
Frequency is a key component of a marketing plan. So, how often would you like to remind your customers about the value you offer? How about reminding the team? Internal marketing is important too...

Did You Know?
There are a number of myths correlating presentation format (or advertisements) with retention levels. Have you tried VCD? It works...

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