Get the Business First & Sell the Details Later

In a recent post published by, author Jack Falvey suggests getting the business first, then dealing with the details.

“How did I lose the order?  Let me count the ways,” Falvey writes.  “If the devil is indeed in the details, why get the devil into the act?  Wait until after you have solidly converted your target lost soul.  Get the order first.”

The post goes on to explain that getting an agreement to work together is the base level of selling, and that the key elements you want to cement in place before figuring-out how to best deliver are, “I trust you.  I trust your company.  I trust your product or service.  It can do good things for us.”

“There are hundreds of deal-stoppers available to us if we want to get into them,” Falvey says. “No need to hide anything; just take things in their proper order.  Get the business first.  Get the details taken care of in their own good time.”

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