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We can help you achieve almost any goal that involves people—customers, distribution partners, employees, vendors, suppliers, and even communities.

As a Certified Engagement Practicioner (CEP) we can help you achieve these goals by engaging people to focus on the actions most likely to yield the desired results. Our approach is research-and-experience-based, and designed for generating results in a measurable way, thus taking the common warm and fuzzy out of engagement and instead providing a tangible return on investment (ROI).

Results Oriented Approach: A Profit Center versus a Cost Center

Our goal is to approach each client relationship on a whatever-it-takes basis to help you achieve your short-term goals and long-term objectives while achieving a tangible return on investment.

Supported by The Engagement Agency and a strategic alliance with Gallup, this approach is based on extensive research and best practices confirming that engaging people to achieve goals requires more than traditional carrots. Organizations getting the best results are those that apply a systematic series of steps, which are outlined in the executive summary referenced below. These steps include:

  • Developing realistic, achievable, and measurable goals
  • Effectively assessing the people and the playing field to identify the best opportunities for improvement
  • Creating a formal engagement business plan and targeted return on investment, and measuring progress throughout implementation
  • Making sure people have the knowledge and skills needed to succeed
  • Incorporating consistent, two-way communication and an integrated recognition plan

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"Nice job with today's training. Simple, straightforward and very meaningful. You really have a great way of engaging everyone...

What you’ve presented will be a really nice complement to what we want to do going forward, and your training will continue to reinforce the importance of those values."

Director of HR


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