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10 Customer Service Fundamentals

When asked, nearly everyone says, "Yes, I'd like to provide excellent customer service." Here are 10 proven fundamentals for doing just that...

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Avoiding Customer Service Employee Burnout

Customer service can be a frustrating job, and those providing this service are more prone to burnout than employees in other departments. Here are some facts and best practices for avoiding employee burnout.

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Buyers Are...

If you were asked to complete this article’s title with only one word, which word would you choose? In other words, think about how you might fill-in the blank: Buyers Are __________. You might be surprised by at least one of the answers we've received!

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Customer Needs: 1 Size Does NOT Fit All

Regardless of what type of business we’re in, gauging our customers' and prospects' needs is a pre-requisite to providing the best solutions and customer service; and it requires more than a "one-size-fits-all" approach. Here are a few proven best practices:

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The Engagement Surprise!

Organizations that have embraced the emerging field of "enterprise engagement" have found it is not only possible to achieve almost any goal that involves people—including customers, distribution partners, and employees—but also, to the surprise of many, to realize a return-on-investment in the process!

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Growth Through Strategic Customer Service

There are many components to business development and many ways to grow revenue – and strategic customer service is definitely one of the often-overlooked pieces of the puzzle.

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Leading Customer Service: A Numerical Review

People readily acknowledge that an organization must provide "good" customer service in order to maintain their competitive position.

However, if you'd like to know the real story on the value of customer service, and on the key role an organization's leadership plays, here are some interesting statistics from a variety of sources.

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Remind Me...

How often must we remind our customers of the value we bring to the table?

Most people agree that, ideally, they'd like to "remind" their customers many times each year; in fact, they say they'd like to keep a reminder of some sort in front of their customers as frequently as possible. This leads us to a couple of critical questions...

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Satisfying Customers

The primary functions of any business are to get customers and keep them.

While getting customers is primarily the job of sales and marketing personnel, KEEPING those customers is the responsibility of EVERYONE in the organization, from those involved in producing the product or delivering the service, quality assurance, customer service, technical support, customer service, credit and collections, right through to the shipping personnel.

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What Makes You Different?

What is the one thing your business or organization has that none of your competitors have?

We've asked many people in all types of organizations this simple question; and while the answers initially vary, they all ultimately agree that there is only one true and sustainable differentiator...

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What Makes You Different?
When it comes to satisfying customers or selling to them, a great many people have agreed that there is only one true and sustainable differentiator...

One-size Does Not Fit All
A ture story exemplifying how individualized customer service supported by comprehensive need assessment results in customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Did You Know?
No matter who you are, no matter what you do or what your job title might be, you are an important component of your organization's customer service effort; and every time you interact with a customer it is an opportunity for you to make a difference.

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