Cultural Leadership Traits

4 Key Traits Found in Effective Leaders

Focusing on a manageable number of simply-stated objectives or desired behaviors is often the best way to adopt good habits and make them cultural.

In a piece recently published by SmartBrief, S. Chris Edmunds of the Purposeful Culture Group identified four simple traits that he has observed in the most effective leaders:

  1. Service: maintaining a consistent focus on supporting the team and building high levels of civility; this approach enables people to perform better while bringing about greater commitment and loyalty.
  2. Validation: proactively observing and recognizing achievement, which boosts a sense of belonging and contribution in others.
  3. Accountability: setting clear standards, modeling them, coaching, and redirecting misaligned behaviors enables leaders to reinforce and embed organizational standards.
  4. Respect: treating people as value-added and important results in greater performance and retention levels.

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