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5 Keys to a Good Question

When involved in selling, it is critical that we truly understand our customers' needs, interests and priorities. Otherwise it is nearly impossible to close the sale!

Need assessment requires good communication skills primarily probing and listening, which we have found are complementary in nature. Consider that by asking better questions we are able to uncover better information, which enables better listening and leads to better need assessment. But be careful...

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Balancing Act

The best sales presentations contain the right mix of information flow and interactivity, and are uniquely balanced to best fit audience interests, needs and priorities.

However, while this approach might seem straightforward, people on the listening end frequently report a high percentage of presentations are woefully out of balance. Here's how you can make the best...

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Bridging the Communication Gap

In the selling world, a great deal is lost to conflict and misunderstanding. Buyers tend to buy from people they like and trust – but miscommunication, as noted above, breeds uncertainty, conflict and distrust.

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Business Meetings that Work!

Fundamentals and best-practices for making our business meetings better. Straightforward steps for structuring and running effective meetings of all types.

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I Heard But I Didn't Listen

To improve our skills, it might be wise to first recognize a few often-forgotten truths about listening. Then you might select from ten proven listening skill-builders to continuously improve your ability to listen better.

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Listening: The Most Imporant Communication Skill

It's common for people to think of communication in terms of speaking, but experts and researchers agree that listening is the most important communication skill. It's also the most frequently used communication skill. Here are a few interesting facts about listening challenges, and three things that can improve listening effectiveness.

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The Next Step in Communication

Effective business communication is a critical component of success, whether selling, managing, marketing or just trying to get along with others. While there are obviously many facets of communication, there is one simple habit that, if well developed and consistently executed, will improve your business communication and success level significantly.

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Opening Remarks...

Introducing ourselves at the start of a business meeting, sales call, or presentation might seem like an automatic task, similar to putting the key into the car’s ignition or tying a pair of shoes.

But there is more to introductions than just identifying names and affiliations, and many experts agree that the first impressions made during these brief encounters can have long-lasting affects on how people react to what we say.

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Rate the Power of Your Presentations

What should your company’s typical sales presentation include? Obviously product and service information along with pricing and delivery details must be a part of every presentation. So too must visual aids... and good form is certainly important.

But what about the company message? Does your sales team convey the big picture? Are your prospects and customers hearing what your company is really all about?

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Remind Me...

How often must we remind our customers of the value we bring to the table?

Most people agree that, ideally, they'd like to "remind" their customers many times each year; in fact, they say they'd like to keep a reminder of some sort in front of their customers as frequently as possible. This leads us to a couple of critical questions...

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Selling Change

In the day-to-day real world, change most often promotes uncertainty, doubt, fear, resentment or loss, and this is not news.  The concept of “creative destruction” — an economic theory based on the premise that new ideas inevitably bring about the demise of older (more comfortable) ones — was popularized way back in the early nineteen hundreds by Austrian economist Joseph Schumpeter. 

Yet without change comes stagnation and potential loss. So we must sell it...

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Selling Presentations

If you ask most salespeople about how they are "doing," most will respond by telling you about the several pending deals they are working on and what the odds are for each one to close.

And while closing business is a good thing on which to be focused, the fact is that closing is really a natural occurrence - a simple, logical step in a process, as pointed out in the previous article - if set up properly. One proven way of doing just that is to structure and deliver a selling presentation that "sells."

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The Stars of Your Presentations?

Too many selling presentations focus on "what we do."

In other words, if we're not careful, our presentations are all about us because we make ourselves, our products or our services the stars…Consider how much more effective it could be if we instead made our customers or clients the stars!

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The Power of Storytelling in Sales

Stories are an incredibly powerful way to get your message across. Most people would rather go to a movie than attend a lecture!

Stories can also be a powerful tool when used properly during the selling process or when making presentations.

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Six Presentation Pitfalls

While selling presentations will vary based on product or service type and complexity, there’s a good chance that, regardless of industry, there are some common mistakes we would all like to avoid.

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"SP" Selling?

We’ve frequently observed a troubling habit that many sales people have fallen-into, which is costing them and their organizations significantly in terms of lost opportunities or unrealized profit.

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Voice Mail: Friend or Foe?

While inter-office voice-mail is without doubt a time-saving wonder, many sales people have complained that automated answering systems are the ultimate screens.

Is voice-mail the impenetrable buffer? Or, might it actually be an asset to your sales effort?

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Your Weekly Team Meeting?

Your organization can experience significant gains by running effective team or sales meetings. However, if these meetings are poorly executed, it's only a matter of time before your workforce considers them to be non-productive, unnecessary or even unpleasant; in which case, certain opportunities will be forever lost!

So, the first step is to assess the quality of your organization's meetings... which include "live" meetings, teleconfernces and virtual sessions...

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The Stars of Your Presentations?
Too many selling presentations focus on "what we do." Consider how much more effective it could be if we instead made our customers or clients the stars! Here's how...

Your Weekly Team Meeting?
"When I Die, I Hope it's at a Meeting!" You may be familiar with the anonymous quote... and your organization can experience significant gains by running effective team or sales meetings.

Did You Know?
Nearly 11 million meetings occur in the U.S. each day. Research also indicates, among other things, that over 50 percent of this meeting time is wasted! And there are other forms of communication waste too.

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