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Ask All to Buy

If one is to maximize sales effectiveness, then every prospecting call, selling appointment or business development interaction should include a call to action. Here are six ways to improve closing consistency, and an interesting question about what happens if we fail to "ask all to buy."

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Assume the Sale But Never the Reason

The most successful sellers are able to consistently execute the entire selling process in a seemingly natural style. As a result, it is common for them to honestly expect customers and prospects to buy. This attitude is often referred to as “assuming the sale." But we should never assume the reason...

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Closing the Sale: Location, Location, Location

When it comes to closing the sale, the timing or location of the close within the selling process is just as important as "location" is to the value of real estate.

In fact, research indicates that buyers most often feel pressured or insulted when the "close" occurs at the wrong time...

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Closing Fundamentals Part 1

Closing the sale has always been a mysterious topic to those new to selling, and is, therefore, a frequently discussed topic in sales-related training environments. Here are some tired-and-true fundamentals that should help increase your closing ratio.

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Closing Fundamentals Part 2

This article shares some advanced fundamentals for closing sales more naturally. We've found that regardless of tenure or experience level, fundamentals are worth reviewing; we can all find ways to continuously imrpove our skills and execution.

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Closing Versus Trial Closing: How to Close More Sales

Closing the sale is a skill we're asked about frequently - and one surrounded by a great deal of mystery. One area of confusion that can, when demystified, result in a healthy increase in closing rates, is the difference between "closing" and "trial closing."

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Long War: Look for the No

Life is a Long War – Make sure you survive. Business is a Long War – Make sure you survive. Professor Hickey, who taught my sophomore Business Law class at Boston College, constantly used these expression. Time waits for no one, it is our most valuable asset and we have a limited window of time to succeed. Working harder or faster is not necessarily the answer for success. Most successful people work hard – but not all people who work hard are successful! What we need to do is to utilize our time effectively and efficiently - this means “Going for the No.”

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Negotiating Priorities

Whether negotiating for a better price, more favorable terms or to close or schedule the next step in the selling process, it is important to maintain a proper perspective about two pivotal factors – relationship and outcome.

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Objections... Or Opportunities?

In the process of probing to uncover customers' needs, there are times when none can be found – the "no" is found, and it’s time to move on. But there are also times when a not-so-final "no" is uncovered, which presents itself in the form of an objection. Or maybe it's actually an opportunity! And if we fail to recognize it as such, we may opt to "move on" prematurely.

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How About Not Closing the Sale to Get the Order??

After taking an initial training course, Associate Alan MacNaughton started calling prospective customers and "had the great good fortune of working with a group of mature, successful sales professionals whose approach to closing sales was different from the techniques I had been exposed to in the training class."

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The 5th P!

You're most likely familiar with the "4 P's" of Marketing. Well, "In today's world, there is a 5th P, and it is truly one of the most under-appreciated and most important elements of a marketing campaign," says CEO Cory Treffiletti. We couldn't agree more... and it sells!

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The 5th P!
You're most likely familiar with the "4 P's" of Marketing. Well, "...there is a 5th P, and it is truly one of the most under-appreciated and most important elements of a marketing campaign," says Cory Treffiletti, CEO. We couldn't agree more... and it sells!

Close More Sales By Trial Closing
The difference between closing the sale and failing might most easily be identified by recognizing the difference between closing and trial closing... and making sure we do both!

Did You Know?
The number one reason sales people fail to close sales is that they fail to ask for the order, says NY Times best-selling author Grant Cardone. Here are some eye-opening statistics...

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