A Simple Way to Brighten Your Customers’ Day!


In a recent post it was suggested that sales people are in a unique position to help customers deal with the increased levels of fear and doubt associated with current world conditions… the reason being, quite simply, that as sales people we tend to speak with many more people over the course of a week or month than any of our customers do; so, why not share success stories and examples of how “others” are coping, thriving, managing, or whatever-they-are-doing?

Taking this concept a step further, and in a more jovial direction, author and founder of makingthenumbers.com Jack Falvey suggests we “brighten our customers day” by sharing a piece of good news each day.

Spread Some Sunshine
“The nature of the media‚Äôs message is negative and emotionally hot,” Falvey said. “This is what it takes to sell newspapers and build ratings. Just as journalists have a predilection to sensational bad news, sales professionals must learn to spread sunshine… a breath of fresh air is welcomed by just about everybody.”

“So, before your first call each day, see if you can come up with the fact of the day that will put a positive slant on the dialog you will develop with each of your prospects or customers.”