A Great Opportunity for Today’s Sales Professionals

The biggest issue people in every organization face today is uncertainty, said speaker David Brock, founder and CEO of Partners in Excellence

Given current times, this perspective rings especially true.

As one of his recent blog posts suggests, during times of uncertainty many of us experience bouts of doubt and second-guessing our decisions; we seek a clearer vision of what is to come when no clear answers seem to be available.

And it is precisely during times such as these that sales professionals are in a unique position to help their customers more comfortably deal with the uncertainty they are experiencing.

Consider that during each business day a salesperson interacts with a great many more people than any one of their customers does. As a result, they are in a unique position to learn about how these people are coping; how they are solving new problems, testing new solutions, and dealing with indecision.

Then, as Brock points out, salespeople can share what they’ve learned to help customers “better understand, manage, and respond to the uncertainty.” They can share the experiences of others to help their customers make decisions with more clarity and confidence.

“As salespeople, we have a huge opportunity to help our customers change and move forward,” Brock said. “We can provide great leadership and create great value.”

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