Ready, Fire, Aim?

In a recent LinkedIn article, Dinah Olanoff, Executive Director of Senior Living Residences, noted that sales people must build relationships if they are to achieve long-term success.

“Being successful in sales is about being successful in building relationships,” she said. “… adjusting, supporting, encouraging, and assisting customers with a decision making process.”

We couldn’t agree more!

If you also agree, then a good “rule-of-thumb” to follow when engaged in selling is:

  1. Sell yourself
  2. Sell your organization
  3. Then sell products/services/solutions

If we approach the selling process in this fashion — in this sequence — then it is more likely that customers and prospects will feel more comfortable sharing important information with us (based on trust and mutual respect); then, because we are able to better-understand our buyers’ situations, needs, priorities, and goals, we should be able to present a more compelling value proposition.

Finally, based once again on the above-mentioned trust and respect, and because we will have established greater levels of “personal value,” our value proposition will be better-received and accepted.  As a result, we should enjoy accelerated selling cycles and more appropriate margins.


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